About us

Rank Energy Limited was founded in 2011 with a passion to create a highly specialized engineering company that would manufacture & deliver world class LED lighting solutions to customer by using highly energy efficient lighting concept and smart innovation techniques. Since its inception, Rank Energy Limited partnering with customers, understanding their unique needs and developing world class LED lighting solutions. Rank LED products are already marketed for their efficiency, as this development provides not only a better quality of life, but is also a great economic benefit to the customer. Rank Energy Limited has always been on the forefront in providing excellent customer service and support. Our professionals will be able to offer you professional design support and customer tailored solutions. Rank Energy Limited is continually striving to improve the product quality through professional planning & design team, increase the product range & availability to ensure products as offered are delivered with highest level of confidence & commitment.
To be an integrated global energy corporation and to improve the quality of life of people through cutting-edge, portable energy and lighting solutions and satisfy day to day needs of consumers in Bangladesh and across the world.              
To achieve our vision through fairness, business ethics, global reach, technological expertise, building long term relationships with all our associates, customers, partners and employees.              
Rank Energy Limited starts operating as a legal entity. It underlies strict quality controls, an independent central testing department is set up to ensure the efficiency and quality of the products. Rank Energy Limited committed to quality always. Our Warranty is our promise. Rank Energy Limited offers quality product within the affordable & competitive price with longest industry warranty to ensure customer’s confidence & satisfaction in the products. We offer rich lighting experiences that make people feel safe, comfortable, energized and entertained.